Managed Application Services

Do you know if your Application tier is performing at its peak level? Is your network, database, messaging and security infrastructure optimally designed, implemented and monitored?

Kalvision specializes in Windows and Linux systems. Application management includes monitoring, management and distribution.

Database Management

Enterprise database server such as SQL server are included in database management. Kalvision provides database monitoring, database design, database creation and build, database schema management, performance management, space management, software upgrades and installation.

Infrastructure Applications

Infrastructure applications such as Microsoft Exchange or Linux Groupware are included. Kalvision provides unified messaging design and deployment, user management, mailbox and data store management, queue management, analysis on mail delivery failures, administration of mail routing, group management for mailing and administration. More importantly, we will ensure that the messaging data is integrated in your backup and recovery plan to prevent any data loss.

Application Management

This includes activities like troubleshooting, problem management, root cause analysis, trend analysis for  line of business applications.

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