Backup and Recovery

Still relying on daily backups and employees to change tapes?

Is your system running slow because of the increased network traffic caused by unmangable backup windows?

Meet the Kalvision Continuous Data Protection solution, it will change the way you operate.  We offer the only complete end-to-end backup and recovery solution for businesses of all sizes. An alternative to tape-based systems, CDP provides foolproof, intuitive and continual protection. Policy-driven CDP is transparent to the end user, ensuring the reliable protection of data, applications and systems. CDP offers flexible Offsite Data Backup, Site-to-Site Data Backup, Local Archiving and Bare Metal Recovery.

Continous Data protection makes the nightly backup a relic of the past. Our Tapeless CDP appliance provides near continuous protection of your company’s data without impacting your staff, network or computing resources.

  • Improve Recovery Point Objective (RPO) by having the ability to schedule an incremental backup every 15 minutes.
  • Minimize backup windows after doing a full baseline backup, since all the backups after baseline are incremental.
  • Single Click Point in Time Recovery provided by synthesizing all the necessary incremental backups.
  • Reduce Network Traffic by doing only incremental backups around the clock.
  • All backed up data is encrypted upon arrival at the appliance and not at the source. This eliminates any taxation on the servers and network.
  • Restore to dissimilar system. Restore the OS, data, applications and settings to the platform of your choice.
  • Cloud Off Site Storage provided by sending your data to one of our multi-tenant private off site vault providing further Business Continuity Insurance.
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