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You can count on Kalvision to design and implement state of the art solutions to protect you and your business 24×7. We will also pro-actively monitor your IT Infrastructure and continously modify and recommend solutions to maintain the aura of invincibilty that you deserve.

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Cloud Computing
Kalvision Cloud Services enables the use of traditional infrastructure and application model, but with the power and capabilities of cloud enabled datacenters.

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Kalvision constantly strives to deliver the best solutions available in the market to increase the productivity and efficiency of your organization at the lowest total cost of ownership. We will work with you on your current infrastructure to make sure that you get the most out of your investment.

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What our customers think of us...

It has been a pleasure and great decision on our company’s part not only to hire, but to partner with KALVISION for all of our company’s Internet and Mainframe needs. Like most companies, external support is required to maintain your internet and storage demands and especially to keep our company ahead of the technology curve.
Kalvision services were exact, dependable and reliable. Communication was superb and lacked the geek speak we hear all too often. We are a multi-state company, and Kalvision made IT changes seemless for our staff.
The biggest advantage is Dharmesh and his top-notch support team. They are always available for the needs of me and my staff. To put it simply we consider them an important member of our team.
If you are looking for a supportive and reliable IT Partner, call KALVISION!

Thomas P Algeo
Regional Director
Residex LLC

Residex LLC

I hired Kalvision because of Dharmesh’s unique combination of cutting edge technical knowledge as well as his business acumen. Most importantly, he has the ability to explain technology to others in layman’s terms, which to me has made all the difference. He took the time to understand how my practice worked and implemented both short-term and long-term solutions to the technology problems we faced. I have always appreciated the efficiency and speed of his responses. I have the utmost of confidence in his work and wholeheartedly recommend him to other businesses.

Dr. Mukesh Patel
Supam LLC

Supam LLC

Our experience with Kalvision, specifically Dharmesh, has been outstanding. We trust and rely on their professional advice with any new IT project as well as maintaining our current IT infrastructure at all of our locations. Dharmesh has helped us design, deploy and maintain our cutting edge datacenter, software, website, setup our network and phone systems. He has been invaluable. Kalvision has been reliable, responsive and courteous. I would strongly encourage anyone looking for IT services to work with Kalvision.

Dan Bradbury
VIKING Pest Control

Viking Termite and Pest Control

I have relied on Kalvision and Dharmesh for more than a decade as my defacto IT department. From planning, through purchasing, deployment, training, tech support and more, I couldn’t be more satisfied with the level of professionalism, competence, sensitivity to budget and personnel issues, and dedication to serving my business and technical needs. He is unfailingly responsive and has always been willing to act on my behalf when dealing with outside vendors and service suppliers.
It is rare to find a trustworthy vendor and Kalvision has not only earned my trust, but I consider them a partner in my business operations.

President & CIO
Dorsky & Company, Inc.

Dorsky and Company

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