Cloud Computing

Kalvision Cloud Services enables the use of traditional infrastructure and application model, but with the power and capabilities of cloud enabled datacenters.

Cloud Computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product. All the traditional services are provided over the “Cloud” network just like getting the power from the electric grid.

Chances are that you are already using Cloud Computing is some capacity in terms of hosted website or partner portal. We can either move your existing applications and servers to the cloud or build out a new infrastructure in the cloud.

With different Cloud Types and Service models, which Cloud type is optimal for your business? Which Cloud Service model works best for you? Is it one or is it combination of them?
On top of that which Cloud Provider do you choose? Is your data safe on the Cloud?

Kalvision Cloud Services provides a complete roadmap to your Cloud Success. Kalvision will conduct an exhaustive discovery process to understand your business needs and then create a plan outlining what can be switched to the Cloud and exactly how it can be accomplished.

Business benefits of using Kalvision Cloud Service

  • ROI, Data Security & Privacy concerns, Government Regulatory Compliance are a high priority during the evaluation
  • Cloud Provider agnostic solution to achieve the optimal performance and price point based on the requirements
  • Hosted Private Cloud for high security applications
  • Multiple Data Centers to provide redundancy
  • The most aggressive SLA in the industry
  • A generous amount of uncapped monthly bandwidth
  • N+1 redundancy to ensure industry leading network and power uptime
  • 2 hour hardware replacement SLA
  • CDN, at no extra charge
  • Fast, 1Gbps Public Public and Private Ports
  • Modern, enterprise-grade hardware
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Cloud optimized hosting platform
  • Full remote access
  • hosting API
  • Easy access to your infrastructure using iPhone app, or web portal
  • Redundant Power with Diesel fuel backup generators
  • Fire Safety
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